"Brooklyn Love" song by song #13 - Autotune

 Man, Oh man!  Name an artist...they have most likely used Autotune. Sometimes it works...when it's used to make the singer sound..."Autotun-ee" on purpose and that is cool but when it's used to fix a singers voice because they can't hitRead more

"Brooklyn Love" song by song #8 - NYC

 NYC...What is it about youu...(Can you name what musical that is from??)

This is a song I have had for quite some time but never had been able to record it. I was so happy with the chance to
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"Brooklyn Love" song by song #6 - Lion Heart


Number six!! Sixer!! Sei! 6.

Lion Heart...Heart of a lion.

I am gonna just start this blog with a confession. I have on occasion written a song or two that didn't have complete personal experience behind it.
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