Based in Washington, DC, Luke has been a performing artist for the last decade. While amassing a large audience on Youtube with his live-looping cover videos and intimate acoustic renditions of popular songs, Luke has never stopped writing and recording original content. Luke’s long ride through the music industry truly helped to shape the sound he now calls his own. Americana, Folk, and Soul all wrapped up in a singer/songwriter blanket, laced with horn sections and gospel choirs. His first single “Pressure” debuted at #14 on the iTunes singer/songwriting charts and will have you repeating a hook that makes you feel like you just hit Bourbon street.

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We're All A Little Crazy - A New Single, A New Partnership 

"We're All A Little Crazy" is more than just a song about us all having our own personal demons. It's meant as an anthem to anyone who has had mental issues or felt the stigma associated with them. Written back in 2015 during my #52wks52sngs challenge as more of a lighthearted way to say... "let's all get along" it has recently been upgraded to something more. When Eric Kussin (founder of wereallalittlecrazy.org) came across my song online he wrote me an email and it grew from there. 

Tonight I am…

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